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Sfas Emes – Eikev – 5632(2)

CaptureHere is the possuk the Sfas Emes refers to:


Looking for a “nut” to extract from this shtikel is tough, you end up with almost the whole shtikel itself. Any suggestions are welcome.

What speaks to me is the radical idea the Rebbe is expressing here (וי”ל). He asks of us, “you have fears, you have worries”? You should! Don’t pooh-pooh them! There’s lots of bad stuff going on out there and we are not immune to them. Physical concerns and spiritual burdens abound. They are REAL and there is nothing you can do to defeat them, you are powerless. Frightening, terrifying. Just ask the Meraglim……..

Now then, you got that? You feel the fear permeating every part of you, every waking thought? Good. Now forget about it and leave it up to God. And stop worrying.

To top it all off, he calls this “פשוט”  🙂 .


Sfas Emes – Eikev – 5631(3)


אך מי שאינו זוכה להרגיש המנוחה צרוך להיות בדרך נדבה…….וע”י האמונה יזכה להיות נגלה אליו

Ahh, the classical dilemma faced by every thinking Jew nowadays: We don’t feel nuttin. The truth is, it’s quite understandable. We simply have too much invested in gashmius, in physicality, to be attuned to matters of the spirit. These two are mutually exclusive, as is well known. So considering that we live better then fartzatisher kings, how in the world are we supposed to feel and connect with Shabbos (kigel and chulent aside)?

Comes the holy Rebbe and says. “Never mind that”. On the contrary, we are quite lucky. We are able to practice a brand of Avoida that was for the most part unavailable throughout our history. We actually have something to give up for God. The ecstasy of a tentzel on Shabbos vs. stale bread and week old herring? Not much of a competition. Put Shabbos against what we have, now that’s another story altogether. Nisoyoin Hoishur and all that…..

The Steipler is reputed to have said that he doesn’t deserve credit for his hasmadah, in the village he came from it was either learning or milking the cows. Today………. well you know the drill. Even the idea of “entertainment” didn’t exist;  today it is often our raison d’etre.

Okay, so we now have the ability to connect with God in ways heretofore not achieved, fine. But that still leaves us with a problem: we may be doing great things, but we still feel nuttin! And if experience is a guide, it’s hard to maintain a level of behavior that doesn’t have some form of gratification, at least of the delayed sort (even the self-help books that plead with us to allow for delayed gratification, zei dervaginin zich nisht to ask for no gratification at all, what are we, gilgul sheleg’nikers?? 😉 ).

Again the Rebbe to the rescue: Give to Hashem and he will give back. But as usual, you gotta believe (always a catch 😦 ). When, how? No one knows but Him, but it will come. So we got both worlds, we get to do great things with the promise that we will be able connect with our deeds and our Father, eventually (ekev…….). So let’s get to it!