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Sfas Emes – Nitzavim – 5631

Captureאחר היגיעה מתקרב עד שקרוב אליו שנראה שלא היה רחוק מעולם ממנו – קרבת אלוקים

Ah Reb Issac R’ Yekel’s story, of course. The say the Rebbe Reb Binem used to tell this to every rookie chasid the first time he came to him. The treasure’s not in Vienna (or Prague 🙂 ) it’s in Krooooke (Krakow). It’s by you, nowhere else.

The big pebble in my shoe about this story is this: what difference does it make? If I have to go to Vienna to discover that the loot is under my bed, then I might as well just get the loot in Vienna (less of a shlep though 😉 ).

Even the Rebbe says that we must be ready to go to Shomayim if need be. Then what good does it do that it’s “here on this earth” then?? For someone who can truly go to Shomayim then he’ll go. To the rest of us, knowing where it “really” is is useless (and cruel) since we still cannot access it!

As usual, the question is itself the road-map to the answer, and what an answer it is. Earth-shattering, life-changing, truly, truly inspiring, to me at least. Vos sheit da is a whole different “blick” into the nature of the treasure itself. It is not an external acquisition. In fact it is not an acquisition at all! It is a revelation that you (and I and all of us) ARE THE TREASURE ITSELF!!!!!

What follows from this awesome understanding is that the treasure we have found cannot ever be lost. Once it is uncovered, no matter where, what, when and how we find ourselves, the treasure is there. Because we have met the treasure, and he is us (The Rebbe begs to differ from this guy.….). We may need to work hard to come to this realization, but once we do, we are set for life, eternal life. Incredible. Thank you Hashem for the lights you put into this world to brighten our days.