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Sfas Emes – Eikev – 5632(2)

CaptureHere is the possuk the Sfas Emes refers to:


Looking for a “nut” to extract from this shtikel is tough, you end up with almost the whole shtikel itself. Any suggestions are welcome.

What speaks to me is the radical idea the Rebbe is expressing here (וי”ל). He asks of us, “you have fears, you have worries”? You should! Don’t pooh-pooh them! There’s lots of bad stuff going on out there and we are not immune to them. Physical concerns and spiritual burdens abound. They are REAL and there is nothing you can do to defeat them, you are powerless. Frightening, terrifying. Just ask the Meraglim……..

Now then, you got that? You feel the fear permeating every part of you, every waking thought? Good. Now forget about it and leave it up to God. And stop worrying.

To top it all off, he calls this “פשוט”  🙂 .